Renwick Gallery


Spires made of individually-stacked index cards by Tara Donovan

Originally planned as an attempt to catch the cherry blossoms at their peak – which the cold weather this weekend thwarted; Peduncle Elongation Watch predicts another several days until we enter the Puffy White stage which announces the coming of Peak Bloom (it’s a science, people!) – we spent most of this Saturday in DC anyway, finally checking out the re-opened Renwick Gallery as well as Eastern Market (as per recommendation of our dental hygienist).

The Gallery features a number of oversized installations spread out over two floors. Every installation has its own room. I especially loved Patrick Dogherty’s branch hut/shelter sculptures made from tree saplings since they reminded me of the forts we used to build as kids in neighboring hedges and inspired a sense of security and protection once you stepped inside. Also, their smell.


All artworks had a close connection with nature. This installation by Janet Echelman dangling from the largest gallery’s ceiling is reminiscent of the shock waves caused by a tsunami.


Enjoy this beautiful model of the Cheasapeake Bay made of marbles by one of Karl’s favorite artists, Maya Lin.


John Grade made this model of a tree from a cast he had taken from a 160-year-old hemlock tree. It consists of half a million pieces of cedar and will eventually be returned to the Cascade Mountains where its real life counterpart stands to decompose in peace and return to the earth.


Gabriel Dawe’s threaded rainbow – a thing of mesmerizing beauty.


Hope everyone’s having a good weekend! We’ll be volunteering as course monitors at the B&A-Marathon tomorrow, hoping we won’t freeze our respective crown jewels off as there is a forecast for snow and we’ll be standing on an unprotected street crossing for over four hours. Yay!


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