Winter Sunday


We woke up to utter grayness this morning, turned back around once, twice until finally ready to get up. What greeted us behind the living room windows was a scurry of snow flakes. Naturally, I got all excited. Then the coffee ran out. What else would you do in such a situation other than bundle up and go on a two mile walk to the local coffee roastery, taking advantage of the snow and get some fresh air? It didn’t stick, by the way. We walked through pretty neighborhoods and along one of the rare bike paths until we arrived at a nondescript building nestled in a corner off a main road that holds Ceremony Coffee Roasters.


Inside, the incomparable smell of freshly roasted coffee, a cute little café/store with coffee accessories (French Presses etc.) and in the back, a bigger room with the actual roaster.


It wasn’t our first time there, but I hope tit provides you with a long awaited new glimpse into our lives as well as an example of the things Annapolis has to offer other than pretty historic buildings and amazing water views. Karl and I are actually (mentally) constructing a food tour off the beaten path for future visitors. More on that (maybe) soon …


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