We finally got around to go on a long overdue frame haul, urgentified by several beautiful Christmas gifts. Today’s peek into our apartment shows a set of prints I got from a very dear friend. One depicts Düsseldorf, where she lives (and we used to live), the other one our current turf Annapolis. I love the idea, I love the prints and I love that I was able to find exactly the frames that I had in mind.


One thought on “Düsseldorf/Annapolis

  1. Glad the “Blue Crabs” will find a good home in Karl’s office…how fitting for them to end up on the Chesapeake in the “land- o’-crabs”. We loved sharing the holidays with you this year…really made it special :>) Thanx for the New Year’s card…same to you. Jeff and Meredith will probably be coming in around the time of her Easter break from school–3/18ish. Hopefully, we can all get together again. Date: Sun, 10 Jan 2016 21:07:17 +0000 To: ecb0413@hotmail.com

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