Hanging With Our Roomie


Karl had the day off today for Veteran’s Day which he wasn’t aware of until late yesterday. We decided to do something fun & touristy in the afternoon, so we headed down the street to inspect the State House from the inside. It is literally about three minutes away from our house and was built in 1779, and it’s also where George Washington resigned his commission as commander in chief of the Continental Army in 1783.


The House of Representatives & Senate are only in session for a 90-day-period every year, starting in January. So no hustle and bustle there this time of year. It was hence pretty surprising when we were getting ready to leave, turned around & saw the Governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan, entering the building with his posse. His house is only about a thirty second walk from the State House though so maybe he decided to stop by to get something from his desk, IDK. (Probably not, he also had some camera people with him.)

Anyway, the room where Washington resigned was recently remodeled and they put up a bronze statue of our beloved housemate in the spot where he probably stood to deliver his speech.


We snapped some selfies with our roomie, stopped by the Annapolis Museum Store (they have the nicest things!!! and I didn’t buy anything!!! will power much?!) on our walk through the city and headed home through the Academy. An unexpectedly nice Wednesday afternoon.


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