A Trip to Baltimore


On Sunday we ventured out to Baltimore for the first time. We were actually hanging out, both literally and figuratively, at the climbing gym in Columbia, but were done there before noon. It was a wonderfully sunny autumn day, so I suggested heading to Baltimore instead of back home. I’d read that the Art Museum was free, and also there was this book thing I’d heard about and wanted to check out. As befits a museum of standing, there were some lions guarding the collection. They had some great stuff there, a lot of contemporary art, but also the collection of a couple of sisters – Claribel and Etta Cone -, who were good friends with Gertrude Stein, had no husbands/wifes or children and a lot of money, much of which they spent on art (Matisse, Picasso and the like).


Afterwards we walked a few blocks up to an old, non-descript warehouse that only opens its doors on Saturday and Sunday. What’s behind those doors? Books, plain and simple. Or, more precisely: Free books. As many as you can carry. All kinds of books. Used books, mostly. Books the people or companys donated. I found one book I had been looking to acquire for some time now, very exciting. I also grabbed three others I’ve been meaning to read for a long time. Karl also found some stuff in the natural philosophy section.


The little door on the left is the entrance to The Book Thing. I’m sure it wasn’t our last trip there. Love the place.


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