On Monday we’re moving out of our apartment. It’s been a good run, but there’s just nothing like the impersonality of a hotel room to make you feel at home. Nah, but tomorrow we’ll be packing up our worldly possessions and clearing out our bedroom so that on Monday at 7.30h we can make way for the construction crew, keen on dismantling our bedroom ceiling and spreading the dust from two hundred years in an even layer across every surface within 55 qm. Until the faulty pipe from the apartment upstairs is fixed (presumably by the end of the week, fingers crossed), our landlord is going to put us up on a hotel and some money in our hot little hands to pay for meals since we also won’t be able to use our kitchen. We’re staying positive and trying to look at it as a little vacation that gives us an excuse to try some more restaurants in the city which we have been cheap on (saving up for a certain honeymoon). I intend to provide you with updates on a regular basis. But I also have a deadline coming up on Wednesday, so we’ll see about that. Oh, and on Friday I’m taking the Alcohol & Drug Education test, before I can get my official driver’s license (which also requires a three hours online course). On multiple occasions I made the landlord promise that the crew would tape off the room so that no dust will spread on our stuff (we’ll have to move everything from the bedroom to the living room) and that someone would come in to clean up afterwards, but I still don’t trust the whole shebang and will buy some sort of tarp and do some taping off myself. As a dust allergy victim one has to take the appropriate measures to prevent months of sneezing.

Last night we spent getting to know the people who live on our street at a party that some neighbors put together. Much much fun. I like knowing my neighbors, and after having met and hung with pretty much everyone in our building, it was time to spread the love and good cheer. We had food and drinks in front of the organizer’s house at the end of our dead end street (oh my, illegal drinking in the streets?), congratulating each other at a later hour on their rooftop terrace right next to the lit up Navy chapel on our good choice of place to live. Today I spent recovering from the mess but also managed to pull myself up and go on a 5k run with K. Next weekend is race weekend – we’re prepping for a 10k in November, and in order to assess everyone and better be able to mentor, the coach is having our whole group run a 5k on Saturday. Should be fun.


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