Weekend Roundup

Not much has been happening around here lately – which is kind of enjoyable. The weather is gorgeous these days, I finished the short stories I was working on and we joined a running club. Apparently I need organized physical activities or it’s not gonna happen. Yesterday we started with an 8 am run with said club, followed by brunch with friends in DC. Afterwards, Karl & I took a stroll past ye olde White House down to the Museum of Natural History where we found ourselves overwhelmed with the sheer volume of exhibited items, info boards and stuffed animals.


So we just took a casual stroll past the elephant (entrance in all DC Smithsonian museums is free, so no waste of money here) and I got myself a pair of beautiful earrings at the museum shop. Karl picked up his bike that he had fixed at a DC bike shop, then we went back to Annapolis for dinner, a movie and ice cream (the former two at our house, the latter one downtown). I was beat at night, in bed by nine.

Today, Sunday, we also got up early for a hearty breakfast (breakfast potatoes = best invention of all times; I added some of my homemade Creole seasoning which I acquired a taste for at the beach house) and then drove up to Sugarloaf Mountain Park, where we were meeting up with some people for a hike.



We hiked around the mountain for about four hours and finished with a stop at the local winery, where we tasted some Maryland-made Pinot Grigio (not too shabby). Back in A. we checked out the Fall Festival that was being held at Maryland Avenue, just around the corner from our apartment. In the back you can see the State House, Maryland’s parliament buildung.


As per tradition, this Sunday night will end with a bunch of pizzas. May your weekends have been blessed with a variety of toppings of your choice.


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