Summer vs. Autumn

In der roten Ecke: Anna “Sommer” Höfflepöff, in der blauen Ecke: Karl “Autumnal” Hurzenplutz.

Whenever I mentioned that my favorite season was summer over the past couple of years, K would always with respond with an “Are you serious? Autumn is so much better, the air, the leaves etc.” and I was like, yeah, right, and the greyness without end and the nasty rain and the early darkness. Who would ever prefer that to weeks of sunshine, greenness, ice cream and no socks? Case in point, I have not worn socks once since I got here. So in the past, we politely agreed to disagree on this one.

Turns out, this argument was a mere matter of perspective. When you grow up in summers like this one here in Annapolis, where oppressive humidity is the rule and not the exception, where the sun stings on your skin as soon as you step outside, where you start sweating like a mofe without even moving and where you cannot picture how to survive without air conditioning, let alone find a minute of sleep at night in your apartment, I can see how you might lean towards another season, where it is also mostly sunny, just more bearable and with lower humidity. When we were hiking in Catoctin State Park a couple weekends back, we crossed paths with another hiker who cheerily exclaimed “Isn’t it just wonderful for August?” I smiled politely and nodded, having no idea what she was talking about when she said “for August”, since the weather was just perfect and all I would expect from a day in late August – in Germany. Upon consultation with my husband, I found out she was referring to the nice, warm temperatures and lack of humidity that were unusual for this time and place of year. Well, longitudes and latitudes have changed and I actually find my nordic self anticipating – gasp! – autumn. Annapolis, by the way, is just about on the same longitude as Sevilla, Spain – the hottest city in Europe. That should give you other nordic natures over there an idea. If this fall is anything like what I I have been promised, that is not as much greyness, way more sunshine and agreeable temperatures that will actually wanna make you move your butt, I might be swayed. At least while I am here at 38° 58′ N76° 30′ W.


One thought on “Summer vs. Autumn

  1. Summer in Sevilla was just absolutely the worst of all. So yeah if you’re living in a place like that autumn wins. But did Karl still argue about autumn being the best season while living in Germany?? I mean… whaaat?

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