Labor Day Weekend


Labor Day Weekend ends today, a Monday, and here in the US is synonymous with the “End of Summer”. I don’t like it. I try to ignore it, but it is all around. I get it, kids have to go back to school and all, but the weather is still amazing, we haven’t had rain in a longlong time (sorry, farmers) and temperatures are well above 26°C any day. Either way, we took advantage of the long weekend (Karl also had Friday off) and joined some family at the beach. The beach being in Delaware. We chilled for most of the time but squeezed in some birding at Prime Hook. I did not see a hole but I did see a ground hog.



Here we see two horseshoe crabs (dt. Pfeilschwanzkrebse), deceased. Only now, upside down, do I understand where their name comes from. We stayed in a beautiful house (belonging to Karl’s aunt, thanks again!) on a lake near the town of Lewes. Let’s go on a stroll.






A family favorite (the family being Karl and be) is this older type of house covered in cedar shingles which age over the years. There’s a nice, gemütlich feeling to them.

I’ve been schlepping a cold around with me since before last weekend and it ultimately prevented me from jumping in the waves at Cape Henlopen. I dipped my feet in, but it was pretty windy and I had decided to try and get rid of that cold once and for all. Karl got all the beach fun bodysurfing and jumping the waves. I had a book to keep me company and got to live vicariously through K.



On Sunday we left and headed toward Pennsylvania for some more family fun with a different branch of family. We had a great time spending time with family old and new and got to eat some delicious home-made Indian food. Oh. So. Good. Also featured: a dog, soft and hard cats, horses. It was a wonderful end to our long, restful Labor Day weekend.






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