Welcome to the Kitchen!


I hereby welcome two new additions to our kitchen. The first one, alluded to before, is a super pretty KitchenAid, stuff of my earliest wet kitchen dreams. Exciting, because it will help me with all these doughs that I don’t really like making (I’m looking at you, pizza and bread). And also any other dough for, say, the odd banana bread (I did make that the other day and it turned out fantastic).

The second one can also be seen in the above picture. The Mockmill is an attachment specifically for the KitchenAid, but not designed or sold by them (but by a good friend’s dad from the next village back in D). It’s a grain and spice mill with self-sharpening grinding stones that I had brought over from Germany in KA anticipation. I was super excited about this since we are somewhat forced to make our own bread here (you know the old Germans-in-the-US bread story), and this construction enables us to grind our own flour. Freshly ground flour has been one of the food smells which makes me the most happiest in the world, ever since I took a baking class in elementary school where we also got to grind our own flour. Pre-ground flour usually doesn’t smell like much when you open the packaging, it’s freshly-ground counterpart just smells like heaven on earth. Plus, way more nutrients are preserved when using freshly ground flour. Karl baked his first bread the other week and it turned out just great. Even though it was a pretty simple bread, it tasted delicious. I’m blaming the Mockmill.

You can also grind all non-oily spices in the Mockmill, which for yours truly (aka kitchen nerd) is another wonderful selling point. Nichts gegen the old mortar and pestle, but with bigger amounts this is simply more convenient. Freshly ground spices for life (reasons: Aroma. Taste. What holds true for the old black pepper pretty much holds true for all other spices)! Here’s some more grinding impressions.




Let the baking continue!


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