Be Fruitful and Sandwich


Here’s another example of how you can turn pretty much anything into a sandwich – great for lunch or eating on the road. Last night we had this Roasted Fennel and White Bean Dip for dinner. Later today we will have it again when we go kayaking for the first time (yay! Don’t think I’m gonna bring my camera though … after my ID was already dropped in the Bay the other day) since there isn’t a whole lot of time between Feierabend and kayaking. Sandwiches it is! I Am The Queen of Sandwiches. Lady Sandwich, maybe. Anyway, I’ve taken to keeping baguette in our freezer since the grocery store always necessitates a trip in the car and I’m more flexible this way. Other sandwich staples in our household include cream cheese as a bottom spread, some salad greens or baby spinach for the freshness, topping of choice (in this case, the leftover dip) plus a slice of tomato, some salt and pepper & thinly sliced (!) onion for the extra kick. I would be surprised if there was a dish I couldn’t turn into a sandwich, soups excluded. May you all pack your leftovers in sandwiches, my children. Have a good second half of the week.


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