The Maritime Republic of Eastport


Today for the first time, we ventured out on the water. In a water taxi that is. These little boats connect downtown Annapolis with surrounding neighborhoods. We just took a short ride to Eastport on the other side of Spa Creek. So here’s some pictures from our trip over there; there will be a sign telling you when we’re about to cross the bridge back into Annapolis right at sunset. Some words on the weather, as there haven’t been many and it appears to be a topic of interest: It is summer. It is hot. It is very humid. I have to shower every time I leave the house (well, afterwards). There was one major rain day since I’m here, but rain never really changes anything about the temperatures. Most nights, we sleep with the air conditioner on. Constantly awesome summer weather, so to speak, but sometimes hard to bear. And now: Off to Eastport.

DSCF4785 DSCF4789 DSCF4790 DSCF4798 DSCF4800 DSCF4803 DSCF4805 DSCF4806 DSCF4808 DSCF4811 DSCF4818
DSCF4821 DSCF4823 DSCF4825 DSCF4827 DSCF4828 DSCF4829


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