Old Trees & Pizza Nights


Today we took our bikes to Chestertown, a small city on the other side of the Bay (Bill Bryson apparently found it to be the perfect archetypical American small town). From there we went on a bike ride to one of the oldest trees in Maryland. This swamp chestnut oak was first mentioned in 1682 and continues to “serve its nation”, by providing clean air I guess.


We left Annapolis a little later than anticipated – last night we organized a little get-together for our building on the front porch in an effort to get to know the neighbors. One person showed up, and we had a fun night sitting outside and chatting. (One couple that Karl already knew couldn’t make it, but they left a pumpkin pie outside our apartment welcoming me to the neighborhood. We stopped by there this afternoon to say hi – they have the cutest little baby boy. She wants him to grow up speaking German since she spent a year in Germany as an exchange student after high school. I said no problem, I’ll take care of it.) Collectively, Karl and I gathered about twenty mosquito bites last night. I have to remember to use bug spray before I do stuff like that. Anyway, it got a little late and we slept a little longer.


The tree stands next to a cemetery and church; the church was built in 1692 I believe, so pretty early for the US. My back didn’t object to any of the riding and walking which was good. I’m really glad I went to see the chiropractor and will see him again next week.


The rest of our Saturday we spent in Annapolis, checking out the antique stores around the corner from our place – there’s a whole little street full of cute (and mostly unaffordable) stores. Oh, and it has a wine & beer store that also sells organic dairy products and is open till 11pm on the weekends. Tonight I darted outside to grab a bottle of wine there, it’s perfect to have a place like that within walking distance – something I didn’t expect to have here. It paired rather well with our First Annapolis Pizza Night (had on a Saturday, instead of the traditional Sunday for logistic reasons – I forgot to soak the mung beans I was planning on cooking). Happy weekend, everyone!


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