Wednesday Night Races


Just yesterday I learned that Annapolis is supposedly considered the sailing capital of the world. True, there are lots and lots of boats in the harbor. And last Wednesday we went down to watch the Wednesday Night Races that go on down there every – who would’ve thunk – Wednesday night. The sailboats compete in various classes, but since I don’t have the first clue about sailing I can’t provide any more details. It seems that pretty much everyone here owns a boat of sorts though. I am nothing if not observant.

We watched the finish of the race from the drawbridge next to the Annapolis Yacht Club. Boat after boat with colorful sails kept coming in and it was just fun to watch, so here’s some of what we saw.




This afternoon I have my first official appointment in the city. This is where it stops feeling like vacation. Not that I am not working, I am working a lot. But the hot & humid weather combined with our nightly drinks in various bars does make it feel a little like it. Needless to say I am enjoying it tremendously.

I am also looking forward to today’s chiropractor visit, mostly because I can’t wait to start running, climbing and playing frisbee again (and maybe even swimming, but that’s another issue), but I am having some back issues that I feel need to be checked out before I put my back under any kind of stress. I mostly felt that when I couldn’t get up from a nap the other day, and also last night when we walked home at snail’s pace because I felt like something might pop out any minute. After the herniated disc experience with our American exchange student two years ago, I am very sensitive to the issue. My symptoms are kind of like what it started like with her, and I can still hear her screaming in agony in my nightmares. She did ask me to cut her leg off at some point so the pain would stop. I would hate to let it get to that.


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