Introducing Annapolis


As by popular request – and also because I want you to know where I ended up – here are some Annapolis impressions that I captured during my first couple of walks through the city. We live downtown, right next to the Naval Academy, and the centre is pretty walkable (also: pretty and walkable). I can’t wait until I’m able to use my bike though (it was taken apart for transportation and I am not capable of putting it back together myself), traffic doesn’t seem too bad and so far, drivers here seem very considerate towards pedestrians and the few cyclists I saw.

The picture above is a view of the city from the dock with the Maryland State House in the background. Our building is just down the street from there. This area is bustling with tourists, lots of restaurants and little shops.


This is our building, I love it. I’ll post some apartment pics once everything is set up in here. George Washington himself is said to have spent a couple of nights in here some two hundred thirty years ago. Karl remains doubtful, I felt George’s ghost passing through me the other day. I chose to believe.

Porch view

The view from our porch, the Naval Academy’s chapel. Ringing proudly every fifteen minutes.  I like that. I’ve always lived within earshot of church bells, and it’s not just that they tell me the time when I am still in bed and don’t want to look at my phone or watch, they just make me feel at home. Our street is a dead end parking street, so it’s quite quiet. Since there’s no buildings opposite blocking the sun, our apartment is also very bright. Jackpot, so to speak.

I’ll leave it at that for now, I am sure there will be more on Annapolis in the weeks and months to come. This weekend we’re planning to go for an early morning swim in the bay, I am looking forward to that. The only swim I took so far this summer was in our neighbor’s pool back in Germany, and the water had 86°F. Not terribly refreshing.

Reindeer Poop




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