Tag der Offenen Höfe

On Sunday morning we went over to one of the neighboring villages where people were opening their homes and gardens to the public. It is my dream to one day own or live in an old farm like that (more on that in a later post) and I was smart enough to bring my camera. All the courtyards and gardens were different, all of them made my heart ache. No wonder the village won gold in a nationwide village competition. Last week a delegation from South Corea was there to find out what made the little town fit for the future (the theme of the competition). DSC02999 The narrow road to Ueberau – we parked our car a little off and walked into town. DSC03007 An insect hotel – very popular in German gardens these days. DSC03010 Garden #1 – connected to this was the largest swimming pond I have ever seen. It had coy in it. I didn’t get a good picture, but trust me, it was awesome. DSC03011   DSC03012 Sometimes I get weak and start thinking spring might be my favorite time of year. But no. It will always be summer. Summer is the best. (Although the others are good too.) Let’s get to my favorite Hof though. There are two sisters living there with their families, and they run a yoga studio. Another friendly reminder of how badly I want this. In the future. I am patient. I can wait. I know it’s not gonna happen tomorrow. DSC03020   DSC03022   DSC03021   DSC03025 DSC03026 Isn’t it gorgeous? And I didn’t even take pictures of the gardens, one of which is used for outdoor yoga classes. DSC03040   DSC03041 It would have been a good day for me anyway, since I got to see all these Höfe and gardens, touch two dogs, a kitten and a couple of cows. But the cows also had a bunch of calves. One had a tag in its ear that said “Edeka” – the name of a large grocery store – but I prefer to think that that was its name rather than its destination. This one must only be a couple of days old – it didn’t have a tag yet. DSC03046 The Höfe that were open had numbers assigned to them. Every Hof had an individual sign out front with its designated number. This one was my favorite. DSC03034 And here’s some garden impressions from a beekeeper’s garden. I definitely do not wanna live in the city when I grow up. Nope. DSC03047   DSC03048   DSC03049


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