Little Food Things

DSC02985 Sometimes when I make dinner things take a little longer than originally expected, be it because I started late or because I underestimated the recipe. I am getting hungry, Karl is getting hungry, and hunger has never made for a good conversation (we take turns making dinner – #1 criterion: whoever gets home/done with work first – and usually hang out together in the kitchen while the chef du jour is prepping). That’s why I like to have a bunch of little things at hand to set out as appetizers if need be. Often it’s olives, sometimes it’s crackers and cheese, sometimes flatbread and a spread – and other times I put together a quick salad like this one. A good mozzarella is a staple in our fridge and it hardly ever makes it past our weekly pizza nights, a Sunday institution borrowed from a very wise friend. Tomatoes and greens are usually around too – sprinkle with good olive oil, balsamic vinegar, some salt, pepper and basil & voilà! I love it when there are different foods to snack on while waiting for the main meal, sipping on our go-to wine or beer or lemonade (mostly not lemonade, we don’t have children yet) and being able to talk at the end of a workday. More often than not, those are times when I feel like life is good.


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