Fifteen months ago we moved into the half-timbered house. Three months ago, we moved out. It was not necessarily the house’s fault, even though it was drafty at times, darkish at others, far away from our people and just a little bit too large for us. Now we know. We’ll miss the hippie kitchen, the wooden floors, the backyard in summer, the neighbors’ cats wandering in to check on us (and vice versa). We’re trading our three floors for a one-bedroom apartment, but we’re sticking with the historic theme: Our new bulding – in downtown Annapolis – was erected at some point around 1750.

Ninety-seven days ago we sent in the first batch of documents for my immigrant visa. Karl has accepted a job offer from Annapolis, MD, and has been living there since April. I have been living with my mother for the past three months, waiting for all the paperwork to be processed. Last week I took the final step with my visa interview at the consulate in Frankfurt. Now all I can do is sit and wait for the visa to arrive in the mail, book a flight and head on out into a new chapter of our lives. I’m determined to keep everyone who’s interested posted, and I am gonna use this blog to do so. Maybe as a reminder of the ultimate goal: Living in an old (quite possibly half-timbered) farm building – a Hofreite, to be precise (google it) – with a big yard and a beautiful garden, surrounded by people we love.


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