Moved In

Friday morning we left our warm, modern, center-city apartment, went outside and had four men load all of our worldly possessions in a truck.  Four hours later our things had been placed inside our new house with its creaky floorboards, drafty windows, narrow stairs and loads of charm.


As we looked over our boxes and pondered how we had accumulated so much crap, we heard a tapping on the kitchen window. Our new neighbor was there with two cappucinos, welcoming us to our new home. After taking care of the essentials, like putting together the bed and making sure the whisky collection had survived the trip, we took advantage of the beautiful weather and walked down the street to where it ends at the bank of the Rhine.  Sitting there in looking back at our little town hugged by this river on one side and the Siebengebirge, or Seven Mountains, on the other, I felt at home.


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